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9 Ways to Whiten your Teeth at Home From Bloggers We Love

We can’t all get professional whitening whenever our teeth are looking dull. These quick tricks show how to whiten your teeth at home and make a white and bright smile, no dentist visit required! Our 9 easy home whitening tips show you how to make your teeth sparkle and is perfect for any budget. With a […]


Best Whitening Toothpaste for a Sparkling Smile

White teeth are practically a cultural norm in this era. Without them, you stand the risk of losing job opportunities, your professional reputation, and even your personal relationships. But, going to the dentist every six months can also be a major expense that many people don’t want to incur – rightfully so, given the sky-rocketing […]


How to Get Rid of Yellow Teeth using Natural Remedies

Unfortunately the yellowing of teeth as we get older has more to do with our age, than diet and brushing habits. Many over-the-counter teeth whitening products are available or you can pay your dentist to perform a laser whitening procedure for you. These options certainly improve your tooth whiteness by a share or two, but […]


Coffee or Tea Drinker? Read our White Glo Toothpaste Review

White Glo was established in 1993 and is an Australian company produced by Barros Laboratories. Over the years White Glo has established themselves as a leading in the whitening product market. Up until a few years ago White Glo whitening toothpastes were mainly used by the aussie market, but recently there popularity among Americans has increased due […]