How To Read Your Tongue For Key Signs Of Health

Regular checks of your health don’t have to be costly and time-consuming. Scheduling full medical check-ups with lab tests is important, but for the average person who just wants to get a sense of how well she digested last night’s dinner or how well his body is handling the stress of working overtime, there’s a simple self-check that you can do in your own bathroom mirror. Just stick out your tongue.

Within a couple of seconds, it’s possible to get the low down on what’s going on inside your body by just poking out your tongue. While it takes years of experience to be able to read tongues in a clinical setting, you can start checking your own body at home.

Here’s how to read your tongue for key health signs:

1. Thick White Coating

The coating of your tongue is said to resemble the smoke that rises from your stomachs digestive system. Healthy digestion will resemble burning clean fuels, and produces a light, white, evenly distributed coating. If the outer coating on your tongue is thick, especially at the back of your tongue, it’s a signal that your digestion system isn’t performing at its optimum efficiency.

Try modifying your diet with the help of a dietitian, or adding herbs like fennel, caraway, ginger, and cardamom to your diet to aid digestion. A rapid change in the coating of your tongue can also be an indication you are fighting an infection, such as a cold or the flu.

2. Red Tip

The tip of the tongue is linked to your Heart organ system in traditional medicines. Visible redness at the tip of the tongue can indicate too much “heat” in this system, and often correlates with symptoms like insomnia, nervousness, heart palpitations, and an overactive mind.

If your tongue tip is red, it’s a sign that you need more relaxation and calmness in your daily routine. By incorporating meditation or yoga your mind and body will become more relaxed.

Steps to Follow:

  • Avoid foods and drink for 30 minutes before inspection. Also, don’t scrape your tongue before you read it
  • Move to a location with an ample amount of natural light
  • Stick your tongue out in a way that feels natural. Look at your tongue for a maximum of 15 seconds, if you keep it out longer the color of your tongue will begin to change and distort your reading
  • Look for any of these signs:
    • Red tongue tip
    • Thick tongue coating
  • Follow up with a medical professional if you have any questions or concerns about your observations. Remember not to use tongue reading as a substitute for a qualified medical diagnosis.

Most importantly, take action to improve your routine and diet according to what you learn by looking at your tongue. Inspire yourself to make the necessary changes so that you can feel fantastic. Enjoy watching your body improve in response to your new healthy habits!

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